FT-8800R Front Panel

Yaesu FT-8800R - How To Enter Alignment Mode

The Yaesu FT-8800R has several sub-menus for the purpose of individual band alignment called Alignment Mode. This tutorial is to show you how to enter the alignment mode. This tutorial does not address the alignment procedures or settings, only how to enter the mode. Be very careful performing the alignments in this procedure. If you set something incorrectly, you may render the radio inoperative, requiring it to be sent back to Yaesu to be repaired. Do not adjust any value if you don't know what you are doing. You are performing any of these procedures at your own risk.

To enter alignment mode, the keys need to be pushed in the required sequences.

To perform the Relay Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Back up all settings if it is possible, using a programming program such as Chirp, RT Systems, or Yaesu's programming software.
  2. Power down the radio.
  3. Hold both the left band [VM] button and left band [HM] button (Section 4) simultaneously while turning on the rig by holding down the right band [VOL SQL] button (Button #7).
  4. When the radio turns on, release the 2 buttons.
  5. Now, in sequence, press and release the buttons across the bottom of the radio from left (Section 4) to right (Section 6). This will be:
    1. Left Band [LOW]
    2. Left Band [V/M]
    3. Left Band [HM]
    4. Left Band [SCN]
    5. Right Band [LOW]
    6. Right Band [V/M]
    7. Right Band [HM]
    8. Right Band [SCN]


You are now in alignment mode. To exit alignment mode, turn the radio off by holding the right band [VOL SQL] button (Button #7) until the radio powers off.





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