FT-857D Front Panel

Yaesu FT-857D Relay Cleaning Procedures

The Yaesu FT-857D uses relays for a variety of functions. Sometimes the relays will get buildup between their contacts and the radio can start acting odd, or certain functions stop working. Most people go to the reset procedures, but there is another troubleshooting technique that might fix the problem without losing memories and settings - Relay Cleaning. The FT-857D has relay cleaning built-in, and can be accomplished is just a few minutes.

To perform the Relay Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Back up all settings if it is possible, using a programming program such as Chirp, RT Systems, or Yaesu's programming software.
  2. Power down the radio.
  3. Hold both the [BAND UP] button and [BAND DWN] button (Buttons #12) simultaneously while turning on the rig with the POWER button (Button #5).
  4. The relays will start clicking while cleaning. When the cleaning is done, the radio will be in it's normal state.


If the relay cleaning doesn't work for your problem, consider running one of the Factory Reset procedures.



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