Optocom Receiver

Optoelectronics Optocom

The Optocom is an older SDR receiver made for a short period by Optoelectronics Inc. The receiver board was made by GRE America, and rivals the best receivers today. The only shortcoming of this receiver today is the lack of modern software.

The software available for the Optocom is old. Trying to get it working on modern computers might work or might not. The Yahoo groups for these software packages are pretty much deserted.

There is one program available called Probe. It is an older program and may not run on newer computers. But it is made especially for the Optocom. Another is called Trunker. It hasn't been updated since 2001, but it is free. The source code is also available (see below).

Spectrum Commander IX from Signal Intelligence Inc will work with the Optocom and, while it is old, it has a GUI and is more modern than the previous mentioned programs. 












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