Yaesu MD-100 Desk Mic

Yaesu MD-100A8X

The Yaesu MD-100A8X is a wonderful addition to my FT-897D. It has really nice audio and allows my hands to remain free during nets so I can copy and write down information. It is aesthetically pleasing and can be used with either the Yaesu 8-pin din plug or the RJ-45 variety. I chose this mic over a Heil desk mic due to price. I know that the Heil microphones are top-notch microphones, and I might even have better audio with the Heil, but my budget just didn't allow it. I am very happy with the MD-100A8X microphone and have no regrets choosing it.

This microphone was not made for the FT-897D, but can be used with it. According to Yaesu's tech support, you have to set the Main Filter switch on the bottom of the base in the Thru position. After setting the ALC with this mic, I was getting bad audio reports. I called Yaesu and almost sent it in for repair when the tech asked what position it was in. I told him and he advised that for this rig, it needs to be in the Thru position. Once I put it there and re-adjusted the ALC, I started getting great audio reports.










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